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Will Williams

Founder and CEO Will Williams started his marketing career back in 2007 at the age of  19 years old. His motivation, passion and dedication to provide for his family led to his promotion to management in as little as nine months.

Within the past 7 years, Will has exceeded expectations at every marketing firm before starting his own in 2014. Will is humble, consistent, loyal, driven and has a positive outlook. He has trained and developed many successful leaders around the nation.


Over the last 14 years Will has learned how to market in every industry of business. With the help of his colleagues, they have expanded the company to more than nine states (New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Illinois, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, Washington DC, California) and they are rapidly growing.


Ruthan Robb

Ruth started her career with Focus in 2011 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Rapidly advancing at the top of her class in all industries from Energy Deregulation, Telecommunications & Lifeline. 


Over the past decade she has received awards for the “Most Consistent” and “Number One Sales Office" on the Lifeline network. 


Ruth has developed teams in various states from Chicago, Pennsylvania, and Maryland leading Ruth to becoming the Chief Operating Officer of Focus Advertising & Marketing Inc. 


With 10 years of experience, Ruth is looking to lead the business to a fortune 500 company, branding Focus Advertising & Marketing Inc. as the #1 Marketing Firm in the world.

Stacie Herman

Stacie has been in the industry for 14 years. Starting at just 18 years old she has experienced all levels of the business - from sales and managing teams to transitioning over to the corporate side handling administrative work, quality control, payroll, campaign management, communicating with the clients, as well as office managers.


Stacie has received numerous awards and acknowledgements throughout the course of her career, including a "Back Bone Award" for her hard work, consistency, and commitment to the business. She is most known for her extreme loyalty, dedication, and "going the extra mile" with everything she does.


Stacie has climbed the corporate ladder and received several promotions leading to her most current position as Executive Liaison of Focus Advertising & Marketing Inc. Stacie helped brand and build Focus into the multi-million dollar company that it is today.

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